For this final paper, you will be reviewing and reflecting on the quality manage

Posted: January 9th, 2023

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For this final paper, you will be reviewing and reflecting on the quality management concepts and knowledge gained from Quality Management for Organizational Excellence course. You will be applying critical thinking, drawing conclusions, and applying what you have learned to improve quality and performance excellence. Make sure to address each following topic sufficient depth to answer the questions and cover the associated concepts. This will serve as a good review of the content, methods, and principles learned of total quality management (TQM). As you work on your final paper, keep in mind the following bullet point observations on the role of quality. Six quality perspectives are listed below and explain how each quality perspective applies to the product or service: Quality in manufacturing. Quality in service organizations. Quality in business support functions. The role of the quality function. Quality and competitive advantage (business results). Quality and personal values. Modern day quality management practices represent the approaches that organizations use to achieve the quality management principles. Customer satisfaction is vital to keeping customers and growing a business. Customer requirements, as expressed in the customer’s own terms, are called the voice of the customer. Organizations continue to learn that to satisfy customers, they must first satisfy the workforce. (Review Chapter 4, specifically Table 4.1: Key Workforce-Focused Practices for Quality, and the two Chapter 4 sections: High-Performance Work Cultures, and Principles of Workforce Engagement and Motivation.) Motivation theories can be applied to support high performance in any organization. In your paper, Topics Explain how your selected organization applies the six steps from key customer-focused practices for quality management in the customer focus to meet or exceed customer requirements. Identify which of the variety of methods, or “listening posts,” your selected organization uses to gather the voice of the customer, including their needs and expectations, their feeling of importance, and their satisfaction as a customer. Evaluate the principles of workforce engagement, and empowerment and motivation, and evaluate why these two items are important to quality, and which five of Deming’s 14 points relate directly to the notion of empowerment. Apply one content theory, one process theory, and one environmentally-based theory to your selected organization, detailing the context and situation. State if the selected organization has a high-performance work culture and describe why or why not. Summarize how your selected organization embodies the Baldrige Award Excellence Framework, core values, and processes. Assess the impact, if any, of the Baldrige Award Excellence Framework and the Deming philosophy on the organization. Select a product or service that your organization, or an organization of your choosing, purchases on a regular basis: Explain why quality is important to that product or service. Evaluate the competitive environment for the product or service selected. Appraise how each quality perspective applies to the selected product or service and why. Illustrate how each of the seven quality management principles pertain to your organization or an organization of your choosing using three approaches per principle. Appraise how the Deming philosophy and Deming’s 14 points may apply to the product or service selected.

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