For this reflection, think about immigration as a normative, and moral issue.

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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For this reflection, think about immigration as a normative, and moral issue. Please answer the following question in no more than 1,000 words. You should cite at least 3 readings from the semester and include a bibliography
Please make a case either for or against open borders (You should think about why migrants move, how states can or cannot control this movement, and what the moral implications of those realities might be.) Where do you stand and why?
Thesis and Argument
Memo has a clear, concise and relevant thesis. It takes a stance regarding the memo topic supported with a logical argument to be proved
Analysis, Logic and Argumentation
all ideas progress logically from an identifiable thesis, compelling justifications are offered to support thesis, thesis is well embedded within an existing literature, counter-arguments are anticipated and addressed. Demonstrates clear understanding of course material and applies it appropriately to case study
coherent and clear, all paragraphs support thesis statement, each paragraph supports its topic sentence, excellent transitions; the paper’s beginning provides a thesis and a roadmap for the rest of the paper; the paper’s end appropriately summarized the paper’s findings
Use of evidence
excellent bibliographic sources; source material is appropriate; bibliographic sources are reliable, relevant in their field, and peer-reviewed (if outside); excellent integration of quoted/paraphrased material and empirical evidence in support of thesis.
Mechanics (Grammar, Spelling, Language Usage, Sentence Structure, Citation Format)
excellent command of language, proper use of grammar/writing conventions, few to no misspelled words, correct word choice, excellent variety and complexity of sentence structure, uses proper citation format
** I will upload the readings required to cite for this paper. Please do not use outside sources.
Let me know if you require further sources for this assignment.

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