For this week, you need to develop your PESTEL

Posted: July 18th, 2022

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Week 4: SBAs Segmentation & PESTEL Analysis
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Points: 10 | Due Date: Week 4, Day 7 | CLO | Grade Category: Assignments
Assignment Prompt
For this week, you need to develop your PESTEL “(Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Ecological, Legal”) analysis and your Strategic Business Areas (SBAs) Segmentation for your selected topic.
Below please find some recommendations to complete this section successfully:
Develop your PESTEL Analysis first.
Then develop your SBAs segmentation.
To develop your SBAs segmentation, please notice that you will be using these 4 dimensions from your Business Plan (previous chapter)
Need(s), Technology(ies), Customer Types, Geographic Locations.
The entrepreneurial venture needs to involve at least two Strategic Business Units (SBUs).
For your reference, use these documents:
MGT516 – Final Paper SBA Segmentation Guideline.ppt
MGT516 – Final Paper SBA Segmentation Example.doc
Develop your SBAs (SBA Name & Number) as Exhibits (For Example: Exhibits 1-8)
Finally, use an Appendix for Exhibits 1-8
Due: Monday Midnight
See USU Written Assignment Grading Rubric with APA – MBA for additional details and point weighting.
Note: Topic is opening a “Community Health Center for the Underserved.” Focus on that and follow the instructions above strictly written with APA guidelines.

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