For your Project Charter, you will act as a 21st-century leader to identify and

Posted: January 18th, 2023

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For your Project Charter, you will act as a 21st-century leader to identify and address a problem, gap, or change opportunity that improves health care delivery and/or systems. You will consider how leaders contribute to the profession by applying quality improvement principles and evidence-based standards within a culture of ethical practice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. After the completion of your three-part Project Charter, you will devise a poster presentation that disseminates what you’ve learned to a professional audience. The course assignment due this week corresponds to Part 1 of the Project Charter:
InstructionsFor this assignment, use what you learned about quality improvement, identifying a measurable gap, creating SMART objectives, and publishing a project AIM Statement as you develop Part 1 of your Project Charter from a nursing, public health, or health administrative perspective.
Use the NHS8040 Project Charter Template [DOCX] to complete the following items found in Part 1:
Project Name: Create a title for your Project Charter.Make the title specific and distinct from other projects so the reader knows the goal and wants to learn more.
Be creative in developing your title
Gap Analysis: In this section, identify a gap or change opportunity in measurable terms. Select one specific area than can be quantified/measured: What are you trying to accomplish?Describe the quantifiable current state, e.g., the existing condition.
Describe the quantifiable desired condition: What should be happening?
What is the quantifiable difference between the current status and what it should be, e.g., the gap?
What methods were used to identify the gap?
Why is improvement needed in this area? Why is this problem important/meaningful/relevant?
Evidence to Support the Need: In this section, select, summarize, and analyze timely sources that substantiate or explain the gap and the need for improvement.Include 2–3 sources that substantiate the gap or problem exists and why improvement is needed.
Consider primary and secondary data sources, regulatory requirements, clinical practice guidelines, and benchmarking data.
Cite all sources using the most current version of APA formatting inclusive of publications within the last five years.
Problem Statement: After performing the Gap Analysis, develop a problem statement (1–2 sentences) that:Focuses on one specific problem.
Can be realistically solved, e.g., organizationally or local community.
Identifies the effect on the population or process.
Is clear and concise (1-2 sentences).
SMART Objectives: Write SMART Objectives that define the population and the systems affected for your Project Charter. Complete SMART objectives address all of the following:Specific: Who is the target population, persons, or process?
Measurable: How will you measure the change you anticipate: An increase or decrease? This must be stated in measurable terms.
Achievable: Is it realistic? Do you have the time, support, and resources?
Relevant: Is it important or meaningful? Does it consider issues related to population health and the social determinants of health (health equity, inclusion)? Does it align with organizational mission and goals?
Time: When will the project begin and when will it end? Be specific!
Project AIM: Develop an AIM statement that articulates the overarching purpose of your Project Charter, including:The goals you intend to accomplish (use measurable terms, e.g., think about your SMART objective).
Who will benefit from the this?
What will be done (evidence to support the action).
Where the change will occur.
When it will begin and end.

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