Good Afternooon I need to reply to classmates Prompt Reponse.. See Below Classma

Posted: December 3rd, 2022

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Good Afternooon
I need to reply to classmates Prompt Reponse.. See Below
Classmates Prompt:
How representative is Congress? Most legislators are white, upper-middle-class males, although this group is a very small part of our entire population. What impact does this skewed representation have in terms of liberty, equality, and democracy? Can these people really represent women, minorities, and poor citizens? Realistically, could an indigent person ever get elected to Congress?
Classmates Reply:
Congress is not representative
Congress has long been criticized for not being at all representative because the majority of its members are white, middle-class males, who make up a very small fraction of the country overall. People from all walks of life, as well as from all cultural and geographic backgrounds, immigrate to the United States in search of a better life. This country is renowned for its outstanding diversity. It is highly challenging to have the desired impact on the freedom, equality, and democracy of the country given this lopsided representation and the lack of individuals who truly reflect the nation’s poor population. Anyone who isn’t white and from the upper class finds it difficult to win election to Congress and represent their constituents.
The situation is improving, though, so that is a silver lining. Congress has been more diverse throughout the years, with the 115th congress being the most diverse to date with about 20% of members being non-white. A more diverse and effective congress that represents and cherishes the voice, opinion, and needs of all American communities will undoubtedly be seen if this trend continues in the years to come.
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Schaeffer, K. (2021, April 1). The changing face of congress in 7 charts. Pew Research Center. Retrieved November 22, 2022, from…
Rule for response
Response posts have a 75-word minimum (about 1 paragraph) – it is not enough to agree or disagree, explain why or what you found interesting in the way they responded.

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