Gut-brain axis

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a neuroscience writing question and need a reference to help me learn.Topic: GUT-BRAIN AXIS Supporting documents attached plus use knowledge and other sources.Use the topic as a starting point for choosing what to write about in your essays. You could write a commentary on required reading. Files attached below.Your essay is like the investigator’s report. You choose a specific topic, you decide what you want to know about that topic, you do the necessary research, you use the information you collect to answer your questions, and then you look at the bigger picture to see how the fruits of your investigation contribute – or could contribute – to a broader understanding in the field or to a societal benefit or to new therapies or to …. You can assume that the reader has a basic knowledge of neuroscience.
Do not simply report the contents of an article. This is not at all like a book report.
Stay away from personal anecdotes. They are rarely helpful and often waste space.
Statements like ‘I found it interesting that …’ are wasted space – avoid them. A better approach would be something like ‘The results support previous work, but raise the tantalizing question …’
While collecting background information, you should consult and reference at least one peer-reviewed journal paper. This can be a primary data paper or a review paper. You can additionally include other articles or highly reliable web sources. There is no requirement for a particular number of references. Be sure you include a reference list at the end of the journal
The length requirement is 800 words.That’s not very long, and you’re likely to have much more to say. However, the essays should not be longer than 1200 words. The penalty for too many words is the same as it is for too few. The word count does NOT include title, references, headers, footers, or in-line citations.
You can earn up to 10 bonus points for extending your essay to a minimum of 1100 words. The word count by itself does not guarantee you the full 10 bonus points, however. The extended length has to contain substantive material that benefits the overall essay. No filler or fluff. Bonus points are added to the essay score.
Please double-space your essay. It’s always a good idea to be courteous and kind to your TAs.
Requirements: 1100 words   |   .doc file

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