Hello I give you the instruction required for each steps in the assignment and t

Posted: January 4th, 2023

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Hello I give you the instruction required for each steps in the assignment and this is required for each students must post one (1) answer and Two peer response for every discussion question. Please see Grading Criteria for Discussion Board Participation on should be Exactly like the instruction for Discussion Question and Response expectations.)
Important I attached the Two file (file for formatting writing design required for question + file distribution grade for How shouldanswer question to get full grade )
Discussion question
( instruction How should do grading criteria of Discussion question + respond to peer )
1-You are expected to answer each discussion question critically by using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet and actively participate in class. All discussion responses should be at least
2- (3-4) paragraph in length with significant, rigorous content. Your response should reflect your ability to conduct research and should include (citations.) You should also present your analysis and back it up with specific examples. Responses to other learners’ analyses should add substance, request clarification, provide a different perspective, or challenge the assertions made by providing real or hypothetical scenarios that the original analysis does not adequately address. It is also good practice to provide normal, supportive comments. Everyone appreciates this feedback. Remember, the purpose of course discussions is to stimulate academic debate.
At the graduate-level, course discussions is to stimulate academic debate.
At the graduate-level,
3- discussion questions can be based on any one (or combination) of the
following resources:
4- reference and intext citation ( 2 reference from the course assigned reading , 1 need to be from outside source credible source from article)
● Textbook, current and previous chapter(s)- RES 721 Syllabus- ● Other readings
● Research (journals, periodicals, and other electronic resources)
● Lecture
key concepts, ability to think critically, and
has included examples with the reference
Student answers the discussion question prompt completely with examples and/or reasoning.
Response to Peers
( the instruction How should do grading criteriaresponded to one student)
his/her response it is required that the textbook or scholarly research be included to justify or solidify any argument or
reasoning. Student brings in outside examples and is able to examine a problem or situation from a variety of perspectives must included the credible reference – citations.
Formatting an APA Style Paper ( APA 7 edition th reference )
Basic Style and Organization
APA (should be a ½” indent – not 3/8”) style papers should be formatted with Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1-inch margins.Double-space throughout the paper, including the title page, abstract, body of the document, and references.All paragraphs should be indented with the exception of the Abstract.All paragraphs should by aligned with the left margin (flush left).Two spaces should be included after the period of each sentence preceding the following sentence.
Main headings

(when the paper has either one or two levels of headings) use centered, boldface, uppercase, and lowercase letters (e.g., Method, Results).Subheadings (when the paper has two levels of headings) use flush left, boldface, uppercase and lowercase letters (e.g., Participants, Apparatus).Formatting guidelines for all level 1-5 headings can be found in Table 1.Note: All headings in this sample paper follow APA formatting guidelines

Reading: Creativity and Strategic Innovation Management: Directions For Future Value in Changing Time Chapter 1: The Changing Business Environment

Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach Chapter 1: Managing Change: Stories and Paradoxes

Assignments Due:
Post DQ Initial Response
Post 2 DQ Peer Responses

Discussion Question
In a 200-250-word response, please answer the following scenarios/prompts:
Did you personally experience a resistance to change or observe a resistance to change in other employees within the organization?
How did you overcome the resistance to change or help others overcome this?
If you did not personally experience a resistance nor observe a resistance to change, what is it about the way the changing business environment was communicated out to employees that may have helped?
Remember to support your ideas with example , thoughts, and contentions with relevant, outside, academic and peer-reviewed information that is properly identified, cited, and referenced

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