Hello there this is small assignment that i can do but i don’t have the time for

Posted: January 20th, 2023

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Hello there this is small assignment that i can do but i don’t have the time for it. the requirements are these
complete both steps of this assignment:
Choose 1 one of the things on this list (mostly the same list from last week), and think about someone who is heavily involved in that thing (i.e., someone who is, in effect, a superfan/stan of the thing):
Reading and following self-help books
Reading your horoscope regularly
Being a long-term competitor in a sport or other competitive activity (can include video games)
Wedding culture/industry
Greek life
Being an activist for a political party or campaign
Striving to be a “real man”
Next, describe how, for superfans/stans of the thing you chose, it functions as a religion, using the tests we explored in class. For each test, write at least 1 sentence describing at least 2 examples. (So you’ll write a total of 6 sentences, as indicated by the numbering below.)
1) How do the superfans/stans of this thing make boundaries between outsiders and insiders (participants)?
2) What are some elements of the authority-structure among superfans/stans of this thing? (The authority-structure can involve authoritative people, authoritative ideas, and/or authorized activities.)
3) What are some signs that being part of the community is an important part of its members’ sense of identity?
4) What are some examples of how the community inspires its participants to give a personally significant amount of attention, time, or effort to the activities related to it?
5 & 6) Describe how the community guides/influences any 2 of the following elements:
—how much attention, time, or effort participants give to activities related to the community versus activities outside the community;
—how participants live their lives outside the group;
—how participants act around or towards people who are outside the group; and/or
—the kind of society participants try to build beyond the group.
repeat Step 1, but this time, focus on the stans/superfans of a specific celebrity, musician/band, book/TV/film series, or sports team.

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