HI, I have 4 articles i want to follow the instruction to help me to do my revie

Posted: January 9th, 2023

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HI, I have 4 articles i want to follow the instruction to help me to do my review.
Then, write an article review that is 2-3 pages in length and appropriately summarize the knowledge gained from the reading. Be sure to use APA formatting and cite references as needed.
You will be asked to review multiple research articles during this course. It is important that you use the following steps to conduct your review.
STEP 1: Read the article Abstract. But don’t stop at the abstract. It doesn’t tell the full story. It is merely an overview. You will only cheat yourself if you stop there.
STEP 2: Ask yourself the following: What are your assumptions based on the title, and the abstract? What do you think this will be about? What are your assumptions based on that?
STEP 3: Review the reference list. Have you read any of the articles listed? Should you consider reading them?
STEP 4: Read through the article once. As you read through the article, after each paragraph jot down one or two words that summarizes the paragraph. Are you able to identify fact from opinion in the article? Can you sense the author’s bias?
STEP 5: Read the article again. Many research articles (especially meta-analysis: which is a review of multiple research articles on the same topic) are complex and include complicated wording and statistics. You may need to read the article multiple times to get a full understanding of it.
STEP 6: Try to find answers to the following factors:
What is the research question?
How was the study conducted?
What is the design of the research?
What materials did the authors use to conduct the research?
What procedures did the authors use to conduct the research?
What are the dependent / independent variables in the study?
How was the data analyzed?
What are the results of the study?
What are the implications of the study for practice? Are there possibilities for additional research?
These are important elements included in research that is conducted. Being able to answer these questions will ensure your ability to fully understand the research.
STEP 7: So what? This is the part where you think about the application of this to you, your work, your organization, your role. So what are you going to do with this information?
When writing your summary you must include all parts of Step 6, one paragraph for each factor. Remember a paragraph is made up of 4-5 sentences. Plus, you should include a professional response to Step 7. Your peers will evaluate you on your summary, so be clear in your responses to the questions.

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