How Can Technology Support Quality Improvement?

Posted: July 20th, 2022

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Read the attached:
How Can Technology Support Quality Improvement? Lessons Learned from the Adoption of Analytics Tool for Advanced Performance Measurement in a Hospital Unit 
A successful quality improvement (QI) initiative is essential to help a health care organization boost efficiency and improve its business model. It is critically important that the health care organization measures and monitors whether the anticipated outcomes are achieved. Health information technology (HIT) is often used to support systematic QI efforts by providing timely and valuable feedback on performance. 
For your Quality Improvement Initiative final project, you must complete an eight- to 12-page paper that details your University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics QI initiative, “Quality Improvement Measure, “Patients who ‘Strongly Agree’ they understand their care when they left the hospital” under the “Survey of Patients’ Experiences” category.
Summarize your Quality Improvement Initiative: Part 1 and Part 2. 
Assess an appropriate advanced HIT that can be used to support your QI initiative.

Be sure to provide the rationales for your selection. 

Describe how your QI initiative can be incorporated into the organization’s overall strategic plan.
Determine how to evaluate the effectiveness of your QI initiative.
Must use at least eight scholarly or peer-reviewed sources published in the past five years in APA Style.

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