How did musical styles change during this time going into 1960s?

Posted: July 2nd, 2022

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Taking into consideration the social and cultural context of the United States in the 1950s, discuss how rock and roll developed as a musical style within the Post World War II climate. How did musical styles change during this time going into 1960s? How did radio and television affect the way people consumed and reacted to the growth of rock and roll? Choose 1 group and/or 1 artist to show a more detailed view into a “rock” genre. Objectives: The student is expected to listen and respond critically to music and to articulate an informed, personal reaction in a coherent and engaging manner. You must demonstrate an awareness of the subject matter. You must also include a discussion that informs the reader of the historical and social context in which the music originally fit and how it is relevant now. Please research about the ensemble, artist, music, etc. of what you are writing about. Include in your essay, sentences or a paragraph on what you have researched and list your sources in the essay. Please include a minimum of two sources. YOU CAN NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A REFERENCE The likely length of music should range from 3–11 minutes. Your discussion and musical analysis of the music is the most important part of this paper. If you plagiarize, copy or cheat in any way you will receive an F/0 as your grade on this assignment and your name will be submitted to the Dean of Students Office for the alleged violation of the Collin College Student Code of Conduct. See the syllabus for consequences regarding being found responsible for violating the Scholastic Dishonesty Policy as stated in the Collin College Student Code of Conduct. Mechanics: Your ability to write about the music Proof-read your work (spell-check) Make sure each sentence and paragraph make sense Your ability to communicate Clarity and quality of thought Your ideas should be well developed Pay attention to the details so that your essay is based on good thought and strong argument Organization: Title should capture your primary thought Ability to follow the guidelines set up for this paper including length, font, margins, etc. Please avoid vague, space-filled comments such as “it was really nice,” or “the performers young and looked happy” The first few sentences of your paper should give the details of the audio/video/performance itself Format Rules: Use File Types: doc, docx, pdf, html. Use “Times New Roman” with a font size of 12. Place your name, MUSI 1310 (add your section number) and date in upper right corner. Center the venue, use bold for this heading. Include the URL link. MUST be 500 to 750 word count. Double spaced. Citations–when you are writing for academic use you must cite other people’s work. If you use the exact words from someone else’s work, you must give that person credit. You must cite 2 sources in your writing. You MUST use “footnote” not parenthetical style citations. I would like you to use the MLA and/or “Chicago” style. Chicago style requires a superscript number and a footnote. There’s no work cited page, just the footnote. Footnotes are easy to produce in Microsoft Word. Just position your cursor to the end of the quote, go to “References” and “Insert Footnote.” Then you’ll be able to insert the information. Footnotes should be “Times New Roman” font of 10.

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