How did you chose your final model?

Posted: November 19th, 2022

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I need to share a colab file with you, In provided colab fie as attached
Develop at least two different multiple regression models utilizing the Movies data with the goal of landing on a final model:
And any different iterations in between the starting in final if applicable
Dependent variable: Grossboxoffice
Independent variables: your choice (you are the analyst) (number of variables up to you)
Report Length: One-page maximum (single-spaced); include any detailed regression results in the Appendix
Interpret the linear regression results (i.e., Regression equation with coefficients for each model, R-squared/Adjusted R-squared, MSE or other error metrics)
What factors help explain variation in Grossboxoffice?
How did you chose your final model?
How might your final model be used to help a studio considering production and release of a new movie?

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