How did you meet your anticipated goals and those of the client?

Posted: November 11th, 2022

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I’m currently interning at the Halo center , it’s a shelter for women, women with children and man , which they have a women and a man side , we hold case management meeting to help them fill out paper , housing applications This week I did my process recording on a young man that stays at the shelter please answer like a social worker Please answer each questions base on the question and leave the questioned attached to it Here the link to Halo
In a few sentences, describe the content of your conversation (i.e. purpose of session, setting of session, background of case- brief history including demographics, etc.)
Im currently working with a young man at the shelter he is 25 years old, he recently started a job at the poltry factory, he has 2 kids his child mother stays in the women part of the shelter while he stay at the man shelter, he was incarcerated in the past , was released in 2020 He wants to leave the shelter and get his own place
What goals do you as the worker have for this session? What goals does the client have?
Help him with rehabilitation by finding a house and help as a social worker add extra stuff 3.SESSION PLANS
Describe your plans for achieving the stated goals including any preparations/planning prior to the session.
Provide him with the resources needed, help him with housing application, housing vouvher if needed, food stamp , health insurance
4.INTERVIEW CONTENT (4-5 pages of single-spaced dialogue required)
Using the format presented below, briefly provide a verbatim account of a small portion of your interview with the client at the beginning, middle and ending of your session. Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details. (This form will expand as you enter information.)
Content of
Student’s Observations of Client(s) and Self
Feelings and Reactions
Competencies and Behaviors
Beginning of Interview: Middle of Interview: End of Interview: 5. ASSESSMENT OF INTERVIEW
Did interview go well? Why or why not? Describe any problems encountered. How did you meet your anticipated goals and those of the client?
Yes he was attentive add extra stuff
Evaluate your interactions with the client and the interventions you used (include skills used, theoretical approaches, etc.). 7. FUTURE PLANS
What are your goals and plans for further client contact/interactions? How do they align with the client’s goals?
What questions do you have for your field supervisor related to this client encounter?
Student Signature Date Supervisor Signature Date

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