How do these domestic government regulations affect your chosen company in its domestic environment?

Posted: July 18th, 2022

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We will now begin to take a closer look at each of the environments. Week 2 brings you to the Domestic Environment. You will continue with your selected “Worst”  company approved from your Week 1 Assignment.
LO – 1 – Identifying one of the business environments used in this course, the student will be able to discuss that environment’s past, present, and future with the use one business theorist.
LO – 2 – Given a chosen company, the student will determine how government regulations affect the company and how to overcome barriers within the Domestic Environment using business theory
Research the domestic environment of your selected worst company  and write an es say in APA format that covers the following:  (NOTE: Do not write in first person.)
Identify the company, describe the nature of its industry, and describe its domestic environment (home country). (For example: U.S. Air operates in the airline industry. Its home country and domestic environment is the United States.)
Summarize the company’s industry; how long it has been in business; and the attribute for which it is the least admired as a “worst” company.
Items 1 and 2 should be covered in no more than a para graph or two at most. The remaining pa per should address the following:
Investigate and explain the domestic government regulations associated with your chosen company’s industry. (For example, for U.S. Air, you would investigate government regulations for the airline industry.) You will need to engage in research for this as specifically relates to your chosen company.
How do these domestic government regulations affect your chosen company in its domestic environment? What are the barriers for business that are raised by these regulations?
Identify a business theorist and briefly describe this theorist’s business theory. (Refer to Lessons Materials/required readings.)
What should the business do to overcome these barriers? In addressing this question incorporate the business theorist you have identified. (NOTE: It is not sufficient to state nothing can be done or that the company is already doing what it can do. You must provide some critical and creative thought.)
Further Instructions: Also see attachments.
Organize your pa per using topic headings (APA format). 
This pa per forms the basis that you will use to prepare your Final Simulation Project for Week 8. 
Pa per should be 2 to 4 pages in length plus a Title pa ge and References pa ge in APA pa per format: (NOTE: Do not write in first person.)  
Research references – at least 3: minimum of 2 credible sources PLUS something from your assigned readings. References must be both cited in text and in full citation format on the References list (APA format). 
For further guidance please review the Grading Rubric for this and all assignments for guidance in preparing your pa per. The assignment instructions MEET expectations, to EXCEED expectations, review the rubrics.
Due: Week 2, Day 7, 11:59 pm ET.

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