How does s/he define it?

Posted: November 6th, 2022

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Essay one rough publish/peer review
This peer review is your opportunity to get some early feedback on your paper and to offer one of your peers some feedback as well. Your assignment is to read through the following questions. Then read your partners’ papers and answer the questions. Be as clear and as thorough in your answers as possible because your answers will help your partners rethink and revise their papers. We will continue the revision next week as we continue to read and develop our critical thinking strategies. Post your answers to these questions below in the discussion board for your partners by hitting reply to the paper you are evaluating.
What is your partner’s value? How does s/he define it?
What evidence does you partner cite from the two texts as explanation of the value? How convincing is this evidence?
Does your partner address this as a situational or absolute value? What does s/he determine?
Can this value be considered a universal? What do you think? What does your partner say?
Do you notice any repeated grammatical or mechanical errors. (If you are uncertain whether something is an error, be sure to ask me so that you don’t give your partner erroneous advice.)
How can your partner better develop his/her essay?
What is your overall impression of your partner’s paper?

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