How does the risk factor increase someone’s chance of developing the health condition?

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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 Please send me both word and pdf version for the fact sheet
Creating A Fact Sheet
For the final assignment for the Community Health Project, you will be creating a fact sheet based on your research from Human Health and Physiology and Identifying Risk Factors and Solutions.
The idea behind creating a fact sheet is to inform the general public about an issue. Specifically, your target audience will be the residents of the community that you identified as being particularly vulnerable to poor health outcomes. You should assume that your audience will have a limited scientific background. You will be writing from the perspective of your medical specialty, but your goal is to make the science that you researched understandable to a general audience, while including the sources from your background research.
Assignment Requirements
While your final fact sheet will contain graphics, this assignment is just asking you to submit the text and your graph. As you are writing each section of your fact sheet, please use third person (no I/we) and think about consider how the elements fit together to create a fact sheet with good flow — it should proceed logically. Address each of the prompts below:
An introduction

In a brief paragraph, identify the health condition that you are focusing on and explain how the solution could improve health outcomes for your focal community. (This information should come from Identifying Risk Factors and Solutions.)
How does this solution address the risk factor that you identified? How would this reduce the prevalence of the health condition?

An overview of the health condition 

Summarize what residents in your focal community should know about the physiology of the health condition.
How does the risk factor increase someone’s chance of developing the health condition?

Focus on the risk factor that your solution targets.
Be specific and provide details about the physiological connection between the risk factor and the health condition.

What steps can residents take to reduce their risk of developing the health condition?

A bullet point list of key facts, including:

The statistics for the risk factors related to the health condition, as relevant to your focal community. (Refer back to Identifying Risk Factors and Solutions if necessary.)
The % of adults in your focal community that exhibit the health condition. 

A bar graph

Create a bar graph comparing the prevalence of the health condition in your focal community to three other communities. (Use the data provided in Human Health and Physiology.)
Be sure to properly label the x- and y-axes!

A community solution 

Restate the solution and how it relates to the health condition.
Briefly discuss the organization, program, or movement that you selected as part of Identifying Risk Factors and Solutions. How does it relate to the solution and how could it improve health outcomes for residents?

Los Angeles Play Streets Program
Mobile Recreation Program
City Plants
LA Quits
Gangsta Gardening and Hyperlocal Food Production

How could residents support this organization, program, or movement?

References cited

Remember to cite all information sources fully, including in-text citations and a properly formatted reference list at the end, for full credit. Please make sure that your sources are credibleLinks to an external site. and that you properly cite all sources. 
You can use any citation style you would like (MLA, APA, etc.). Here is PCC’s guide to APA styleLinks to an external site..

Example Fact Sheet

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