How has cirque changed over time?

Posted: November 6th, 2022

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Make a one page powerpoint about the following question, but be specific and detail (video link: )
How has Cirque changed over time? Outline some of the new capabilities you think it has developed as it has moved from a small touring company to an enterprise employing more than 5000 people with resident as well as touring shows.
Two short writing prompt, each 50 words minimum and 100 words maximum.
Not all purchase decisions are perfectly rational, and some lead to regret. You don’t have to tell us you bought a Peleton that now sits unused, but have you been involved with an organization that bought a product, service, or solution that never brought any value? Have you found a recent news article (within the past couple of weeks) that addresses this week’s learning objectives of “organizing IT to reduce complexity or promote agility” and/or “reshaping the IT organization” and/or “managing and developing IT talent”?

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