How is McMurphy the symbol of a savior in the novel?

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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nstructions: Choose 1 out of the 3 topics and write a 2 FULL page response. You may write
more than 2 pages. The response is informal, and you may use first person. It is your own
opinion, but you do need to back up what you say by referring to situations or quotes (if you can)
from the novel. Using quotes is not mandatory, but if you can implement them to support your
claims, then go ahead :). If you do use quotes, do not worry about citing the novel, using in-text
citations, or doing a Works Cited page. No more than 10% of your response may consist of
If you do not use quotes, at the very least, you need to refer to events or situations that happen in
the novel to support your claims.
The essay response must be in MLA format, size 12, Times New Roman, and double spaced.
You also need to include an original title to your response. This will be due on Sunday, July 10
by 11:59 PM.
Do this on a separate Word document. Do not copy the prompt. DO NOT PROVIDE A
1. How is McMurphy the symbol of a savior in the novel? How does he “save” several of
the patients in the ward? What are your views on the ultimate price that he pays in order
to be a savior?
2. How would the story be different if it took place today? Do you think McMurphy would
have had the same outcome? How would modern times impact the story and the main
characters? Elaborate as much as you can.
3. Provide an alternate ending to the story. How would you have ended this story? How
would this new alternate ending impact Nurse Ratched, McMurphy, the Chief, and other
patients in the ward? Elaborate as much as you can.

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