How might ethics conflict with policy or legal requirements in providing health services?

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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As always, our capstone discussion will simulate a face-to-face classroom discussion. We will go through the questions as a group beginning with the first question. As we answer each of the questions, we will move to the next one together. Read what others have said and add to the discussion in a substantive manner. The earlier in the week that you begin posting, the deeper the conversation and learning will be.
The first question in this discussion is opinion and experience-based, so you can begin immediately.
In your opinion, based on what you have learned throughout your studies:
How might ethics conflict with policy or legal requirements in providing health services? What’s at stake in these sorts of conflicts? As you discuss, think about such conflicts in professional situations you have encountered or discussed in previous courses.
For subsequent questions please meaningfully integrate what you learned from reading as well as additional supportive articles or videos that you choose to include.
The remaining knowledge application questions will be based on the Scenario. Please review the scenario before continuing on with the discussion.
Please respond to the following discussion questions:
What are the most concerning legal and policy concerns in this scenario? What policy guidelines would be helpful to us in exploring and addressing these issues?
In module 7, we discussed ethics in great depth. Now, let’s talk about conflicts between ethics and the legal and policy concerns we are charged to address. In this scenario, does conflict exist or is the organization exempted from any responsibility toward the participants as the service/program was part of a research project? As we identify potential conflicts, elaborate on concerns in applying ethical guidelines to this situation. Contemplate how this situation might be viewed in your emphasis.
In module 7, we explored resources that might support us in the ethical decision-making process. Given the legal and policy issues involved in this situation, which of the resources from last week would be useful here? Are there additional resources
A large health organization has been managing a demonstration project in which older adults and people living with disabilities are provided with a range of services in their communities. The purposes of this project include:
Conduct evidence-based research to better understand the value of these services in preventing further decline in health and help these individuals to stay in their own homes as long as possible;
Identify and investigate barriers to success of these types of programs; and
Develop a set of best practices to replicate this program in other communities.
You oversee a program that provides direct service to older adults and people living with disabilities.
The organization recently applied for refunding for the upcoming year. The answer is delayed and the end of the funding year is less than one month away.
You and other staff members finally receive the long-awaited notification. You learn that the project was indeed a success from the services perspective. However, the overarching goal of the project, which was to gather data through a rigorous research study, has not been met. Therefore, the funding will not be renewed.
Image representing a meeting of program leadership.Your organization has one month to close the program down. At a meeting of program leadership, it became apparent that the organization does not have a clear plan to accomplish this task. Some leaders are advocating a plan to not formally inform participants that the program is ending until the last week of service; this plan proposes providing participants with a letter and a list of resources during the last week of service. Others propose informing participants right away and working with them on a transition plan. Still others are unsure as to what the organization should do. Not only will older adults and people living with disabilities be affected, but so will their adult children and other family members, professional caregivers, and volunteers.
All of the proposed plans are vague and lacking in substance; they involve actions to protect the reputation of the organization. The plans vary widely in the extent to which they directly address the needs of the participants. Attorneys for the organization have indicated that, because this is a research project, the organization has no legal responsibility to the participants, regardless of the level of service they have come to expect. You are unclear whether there might be a legal obligation beyond the research component.
In addition, you want to act in manner that adheres to ethical guidelines.

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