How “organization strategy provides a valuable contribution in achieving organization vision?”

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Assignment Question(s):(Marks 10) Q1. Examine with suitable examples, how “organization strategy provides a valuable contribution in achieving organization vision?” Give an example of a Saudi company and assess two examples of organizational strategies and operating plans.(2 Marks) Answer: Q2. X Ltd. manufactures plastic products and sells them for SAR 350 per unit. The firm’s variable cost per unit is SAR 90, while its total fixed costs are SAR 110,000. The company expects to sell 1,800 units in the coming year. Calculate the following:(2 Marks) Degree of operating leverage
Margin of safety in units
Margin of safety in SAR value
Margin of safety in percentage
Answer: Q3. What is regression analysis and how does it help in estimating a cost function? Interpret your results with a numerical example.(2 Marks) Answer: Q4. A plastic product is manufactured by SLT Company. For total costs, the company estimates the cost function. The number of units is the cost driver. The following details were gathered: (2 Marks) Month Units Total Cost (SAR) March 4,370 44,300 April 4,680 44,600 May 5,000 45,000 June 5,300 45,400 July 5,600 47,500 August 5,900 57,500 September 3,400 40,000 October 4,100 40,625 Use the high-low analysis method and answer the following: Calculate Variable Costs and fixed costs.
Determine the cost function.
Answer: Q5. The following information is related to CTH Corporation which manufactures a single product:(2 Marks) Selling price per unit: SAR 800 Variable cost per unit: SAR 240 Total fixed cost: SAR 400,000 You are required to calculate: Contribution margin per unit and contribution margin ratio.
The break-even point in units and break-even point is sales value SAR.
Pretax profit of the company if it sells 1,400 units of the product.
The number of units required to sell to reach a target pretax profit of SAR 200,000?
Requirements: Detailed explanation

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