How the introduction of digital technologies to the supply chain impacting the latter’s practices

Posted: January 16th, 2023

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I am studying my doctorate in the business department (operational management) by doing a qualitative research that is related to the supply chain management. my topic is “How the introduction of digital technologies to the supply chain impacting the latter’s practices and stakeholders in the context of Saudi Arabia? ” for this paper references and citations needs to be from the supply chain management journals and from the operational management journals, not from the information system journals. Also it has to be a Harvard style as my university follows it. I will explain what I have done so far and I will attach a document which explain what I have done so you can rely on it and complete and continue on it. I was working on how the introduction of digital technology is effecting the supply chain management practices and stakeholders in the context of Saudi Arabia. this question is too broad and needs narrowing to which technology exactly? and which specific stakeholders and so on. However, this question is divided into two sub questions. the first one talks about the new regulations of Saudi Arabia and how they motivated the digital transformation? this questions will be answered by doing a qualitative secondary data analysis on the Saudi Arabian Context, especially that there has been a vision called 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia in which it motivates this digital introduction. this secondary data analysis will take the form of content analysis of Saudi Arabia (and I need you to write the protocol of doing this secondary data analysis and why it fits? also to mention that it is looking for a thematic relationships or some sort of relations to explain those data collected). The second research sub question will take a case study from Saudi Arabia to better explain this, this case study needs to be decided after the analysis of the secondary data as the result will show what is better? for the theory part, I still don’t have a theory, however, I need you to write in the proposal some proposed theory and why it might fits and how? (I have some in mind for example the technology acceptance theory but from a qualitative lens and not from a quantitative lens) I don’t know what might be a suitable theory and I need your expertise and help here into giving me some theories that I can choose from? I am making this order because I have applied for a workshop and it require me to submit a proposal but I didn’t know how to put it all together and add related literature and theory and anticipated practical and theoritical contributions. I hope your work would assist me in doing my other parts in which I will need your help also, as I will make further orders after this one based on the results. I want ti start writing y methodology chapter for my thesis and I will need you help in it into mentioning the chosen theory, and the approach, the secondary data analysis and why it is suited, the case study formulations and so on. Thank you very much and if you have any questions please let me know. Also do not forget to rely your work on a journals from the operational management or the supply chain management rather than any other.

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