How to increase student enrollments

Posted: November 2nd, 2022

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Distance Learning Systems Home Page ( is the company.
Define the Company’s Customer by conducting a customer segmentation analysis. Where is the outside customer perspective coming from?
Make a spreadsheet and PowerPoint and word document.
Report highlighting understanding of products and customer segments relevant to the current project objectives.
to Increase Student Enrollments
Project Synopsis
The challenge we wish to address
within our organization is low enrollments. To provide a quick background – We are
a for-profit EdTech organization that delivers affordable, high-quality online
education for college credit. Our (36) general education courses are
recommended by ACE (American Council on Education) and accepted by 30
accredited university partners to address degree requirements. For over 20
years, our focus has been in the business of recruiting LPNs and LVNs and
assisting them academically to achieve a degree in nursing and their RN
license. Within the past couple of years, we have expanded our market to other
degree programs (business, technology, administrative healthcare, etc.), with
nursing still at the forefront. We have invested heavily in our marketing and
technology with the hopes of 10x’ing our organization. Unfortunately, we are
not yielding the results with the enrollments we had hoped for. In years past,
we enrolled an average of 150 plus students monthly who were interested in
earning their nursing degree. Currently, we enroll fewer than 30 students a
month. We are at a loss as to why the shift in enrollments when what we have to
offer at this time is superior to what we had when we were getting 150 plus
We would consider this project a success if
provided clear, supported ideas to increase enrollments. We are looking to grow
our enrollments by over 300%

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