HRM’s Role in Managing Human Capital

Posted: July 9th, 2022

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Discussion: HRM’s Role in Managing Human Capital

View the following video:
“Human Capital Trends 2016 | The New Organization: Different by Design.”
Then read the article:
Top 10 Human Resources Trends of the Decade
Your First Post:
Discuss with your colleagues how the HR capital trends discussed in the Different by Design video, the Top Trends article as well as in other sources you have come across relate to your current workplace and/or workplaces you or your friends or relatives have experienced.
Your Subsequent Posts:
Read through the responses by your peers and post responses to at least two classmates’ posts. Introduce ideas/comments and/or research/readings not mentioned yet.
Remember: To receive full credit in this forum, you need to post a minimum of three quality posts (your own initial post, and responses to two classmates). If you borrow from subject matter experts (authors, speakers, etc.), be sure to give them credit by citing sources.
Your discussion contributions will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment:
Assignment-driven criteria
Critical thinking
Writing mechanics and referencing

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