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Posted: January 13th, 2023

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In the textbook there are 21 questions provided regarding items to consider when conducting an industry analysis. Review the questions listed on pages 169 and 170. Choose three that you think are the most important of all questions provided. Discuss why those three items are important when conducting an industry analysis. Participate in follow-up discussion by reviewing classmates’ posts and discussing whether the cost leadership or differentiation competitive strategy would be the most effective approach based on the three items provided.
How fast is the industry
growing?Is it stagnant or declining?
How many competitors are there?
Chapter 6 provides various exhibits regarding common-size balance sheets or income statements. Refer to Exhibit 6.3 Common-size Financial Statements in the textbook and review the common-size approach. Describe what “common-size” means and why it is used in financial analysis. Using a company from the approved list, perform common-size analysis on the balance sheets or income statements for at least two fiscal years. What does the information tell you? How can you use that information to compare companies within the same industry to each other?

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