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Posted: January 6th, 2023

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Primary Source Essay Instructions
Assignment: American Working Women in World War II book. type a five-page essay (double-spaced)
American Working Women in World War II. Answering the following prompt.
What were the assumptions about women workers found in the campaign of the War Manpower Commission and the Office of War Information? In what way did the wartime experiences of women support or challenge these assumptions? Respond to these questions by writing an essay drawing on the primary source evidence found in American Working Women in World War II.
What do the documents in the book reveal about the experiences of Japanese American, Chinese American, Mexican American, and Native American women? Compare and contrast their experiences with those of white and black women by drawing on the evidence found in American Working Women in World War II.
What were the short-term and long-term consequences of World War II on women’s labor? Respond to this question by writing an essay drawn from the documents found in American Working Women in World War II.
What were the greatest challenges women encountered as they entered the workforce during World War II? Answer this question by drawing on the primary source evidence in American Working Women in World War II.
Bonus Prompt
If the suggested prompts do not attract your interest, you may suggest your own topic. I will accept alternate topics if they allow you to develop an argument using the evidence found in your book. You must e-mail or talk to me prior to writing your own prompt so that I can make sure the topic will work for this assignment.
Writing Your Essay: In your introduction, introduce your subject matter and pose a thesis about your topic. You must state your thesis in your first paragraph.
In the body, develop your arguments proving the thesis. Organize each paragraph around a topic sentence (the first sentence in the paragraph). The sentences that follow flesh out the topic while supporting your claims with evidence. Paragraphs should be linked by transitions.
Essays must primarily focus on the primary source evidence in the book. If you write your essay based on something you found online you will earn a low score on the assignment.
The arguments should lead to a conclusion that sums the logic of the arguments in the body and verifies that you have defended the validity of your thesis.
Evaluation: Papers will be judged on the following criteria: your thesis, the strength of your arguments in the body paragraphs, your usage of the primary source material (very important), your conclusion, spelling and grammar, syntax, paragraph structure (topic sentences, development evidence, transitions) and sentence structure, and citations. A rubric on Canvas will give you a specific breakdown on how I will award points. Failing to refer to the rubric may result in the loss of a significant portion of your points. Note that I will also be checking to see how well you responded to the comments I left on the preliminary assignments building up to the final essay.
Source Directions: To write this paper you must draw upon the primary source materials found in the book. You are NOT writing an essay based on Wikipedia or any other online sources. The purpose of the assignment is to enable students to formulate an argument based upon their reading of primary source evidence. Failing to focus your essay on the primary source evidence will result in a severe reduction of your grade.
Citation Method: You may use MLA or Chicago style citations. Many students prefer to use the Modern Language Association (MLA) style, which would simply require identifying the author and page number at the end of your cited sentence: (Author Last Name page #(s)). If you use an endnote page, it is exclusive of the five-page minimum. Citations are a very important part of historical writing as they show your reader where you found your information. You must use citations when you provide quotes and when you summarize or paraphrase your sources. Failing to cite quoted or summarized/paraphrased material will lower your score. From previous semesters I know that students frequently neglect to cite material when they are summarizing/paraphrasing. The easiest way to make sure you do this is to cite as you write your essay. This will save you from having to scramble to find the page references as you make the final edits to your paper.
Rough publishs: if you can provide it
Guidelines for the Take Home Essay
I will enforce the following page margins/font/page number requirements STRICTLY. Make sure your computer margins are all set at 1”. You MUST use Times New Roman 12-point font, and the paper MUST be numbered (either bottom center or top right hand corner). Also, include your name in the numbering system (i.e.: Jones 2, Jones 3, etc.).
Do not “stuff” your first page with unnecessary information (your student ID number, meeting times of the class, my office number, etc.). Your first page should begin thusly:
Your Name (Left adjusted, first line)
History 110 (left adjusted, second line
Winter Intersession 2023 (left adjusted, third line)
Dr. Robert Miller (left adjusted, fourth line)
One blank space
Title of the paper (Centered)
One blank space
Your first paragraph (From this point forward, the paper should be double-spaced)
Example (Note that the heading is single-spaced with no additional spacing between each line. Consult the writing guide or this assignment sheet for information on how to format this in___________________________________________________________________________
Reminder on Heading: Please note that my formatting instructions require you to single space your heading. You will also note that there is no extra spacing between each line. In order to achieve this, follow these instructions if you are using Word:
Highlight your heading
Click on “HOME” at the top of the screen.
Near the center of the screen, you will see the word “Paragraph.” To the right of this word you will see an arrow pointing down and to the right. Click on this arrow.
A box will pop up on the screen. Under spacing set “Before” and “After” to 0 pt. If you have not done so already, set “Line spacing” to “single.”
Please do not insert extra space between paragraphs. This is a page stretching technique and will cost you points.
Reminder on Margins: If you are using a Mac, be warned that your program may automatically set the left and right margins to 1.25 inches rather than 1 inch. If you forget to change this, you may end up with a paper that is shorter than the required five pages.
Use proper formal English. Do not use abbreviations or contractions. For example, do not use shouldn’t, isn’t, etc. Spell out all words.
Invent a title. Do not title your essay “Term Paper” or “Assignment,” for example. Part of the writing process involves creating a title that will make someone want to read the paper. You can be clever, incorporate a theme from the book, or create any other relevant title for your paper.
Do not rely on the spell-check feature on your computer to catch all mistakes. Misused words/awkward grammar often escape the spell-check feature. Repeated grammatical mistakes will cost you points. Read and re-read your paper several times to find mistakes.
Though your essay may draw upon other course materials, I am primarily interested in your usage of primary documents from the book. Historical writing focuses on the author’s interpretation of primary sources. The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop an interpretation and support it using primary source evidence. Limit your usage of quotation to shorter phrases that you can link to your own sentences. Using lengthy quotations in a paper of this length can severely restrict your analysis. Do not overuse quotations by including them in a substantial number of your sentences.
LENGTH: the guidelines state that the paper should be five pages long. To be considered five pages long, the fifth page MUST be a full page. Any papers under five full pages will be reduced proportionally (example: a four-page paper will lose 20% of its grade). Using narrow margins or larger fonts to make your essay appear to meet the minimum length requirement will result in penalties to your grade.
WRITING GUIDE: Note that there will be a writing guide posted to Canvas under Resources. The writing guide will provide you with additional advice on how to write an effective essay. You should read through the guide before you begin writing your essay as it will help you avoid potential problems.

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