I am requesting a very skilled and expert writer.

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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I am requesting a very skilled and expert writer. This writer has to have experience writing dissertations. This project needs to be proofread and reviewed several times before submission to prevent constant errors and revisions.
Note: Please be sure that when you are citing in this project you are using the most recent data/information. Nothing over 10 years, please. Also, please make sure that everything including things that are already cited is also cited/included on the reference page.
Attached to this order is the following:
* chapter 1 draft of my dissertation
* revisions that are needed to be made to the chapter
* a chapter 1 checklist to follow and reference for accuracy
* and an approved prospectus to review in order to copy in paste into some sections as requested in the revision document.
Please include all revisions on the chapter 1 revision document entitled chapter 1 Revision 5a and make sure when you are making revisions that you do not intertwine your revisions with the notes left on each page for an easier read.
It is difficult to make out changes when they are mixed in with the revision notes. review the yellow and green highlighted remarks for instructions and revisions. Again Chapter 1 revision 5a is the document that needs revising. Utilize the additional resources for assistance.

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