I have studied data analytics, yet data science is a broader range of study.

Posted: January 7th, 2023

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I have studied data analytics, yet data science is a broader range of study. I have attached my previous personal statement. I hope you can help me to re-organize and polish my English writing.
Regarding my career plan, the Bath one is more accurate. Please kindly let me know if you need me to provide more info.
Course info:
Develop specialist knowledge in machine learning, statistics and software technology for a solid grounding in the theory and practice of data science.
Data science drives a significant proportion of global economic activity from healthcare to finance and technology. It’s influencing scientific progress across numerous fields including bioscience, energy and telecommunications. This course provides you with the tools and strong mathematical foundation to become an industry expert. You’ll gain an understanding of the balanced combination of science and technology required for delivering effective data science.
Course highlights
Work with a dedicated team of computer scientists who have a wealth of experience from their professional backgrounds.
Learn to understand and develop state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.
Gain expertise in when to apply the best technique for the best results, in small and large data sets.
Be part of our supportive postgraduate community.
Live and study in a beautiful world heritage city.
Project examples
The research expertise in the department allows for a wide-range of subjects for your final project. Recent examples from Data Science students include:
Deep learning in high frequency financial trading
Spatiotemporal timing predictions in areas with a low density of public transport
The impact of mindfulness meditation on multisensory transfer learning
Career prospects
After graduation, you’ll be well placed to progress into a variety of careers in data science, from large-scale established commercial enterprises to innovative technology start-ups. You will also have acquired the essential foundation for further postgraduate study and research within related fields.
Recent graduate roles include Data Scientist, Machine Learning Developer, Python Developer and Software Engineer.

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