I want you to write the manuscriipt for me and I will read it myself.

Posted: October 5th, 2022

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This is an oral task. What I want is I want you to write the manuscriipt for me and I will read it myself.
Here is the background information on your task
The client is looking to go to tender for a new provider. They are having issues with their accounting delivery and aggregating data across their portfolio to perform more detailed analytics. We need to position a bundled solution to them across multiple products to best position ourselves.
You will review a summary of the call with the COO to position the optimal operating model and why we are best placed to serve them. It is important to understand the client needs and deliver a clear and concise pitch to address how we will address them.
Here is your task
Using the summary of the call from the COO and the overview of our complete product set within Securities Services, identify which products are most relevant in a bundled solution for the client and then pitch to the client
(a) what operating model we would propose to serve them
(b) why J.P. Morgan is the best fit for them.
You are to record a voicemail as a follow up to the call to the client.
We recommend you spend 45 minutes on this task and suggest your recorded voicemail is 45 seconds to 1 minute in length.
Resources to help you with the task
Resource 1: Summary of call with the COO
Today we use a competitor of J.P. Morgan for the provision of Custody, Accounting, Cash Management, Collateral Management and Data & Analytics. While the service on the whole has been good, we have some concerns over their service offering. We currently receive daily valuations on our portfolio but this often arrives later than the agreed 11am cut off time. There are also issues with tying up the independent valuations of derivatives with what the fund manager has provided. We do not receive great client coverage or support from their accounting team and have decided to explore the market to identify if we can improve service delivery here.
Separately, we have recently broadened our investment portfolio to chase more yield. In doing so, we will be investing more heavily into private market investments such as real estate and private equity. We understand that J.P. Morgan offers an administration service to manage capital calls, distributions and valuations. This is an area we would love to hear more about. Ultimately we would like to look across both our public and private market investments in a single platform to one view that we can slice and dice to produce relevant analytics.
Whilst we recognize that Global Custody is required to explore the above with J.P. Morgan, we are keen to learn of your product positioning and how you can help to add value to our firm.

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