Identify a specific process that interests you.

Posted: October 12th, 2022

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Word Count: 800-1000 words
To complete this assignment, you must do the following:
Identify a specific process that interests you. This process may involve cooking, crafting, or sports, or even setting up a game, app, or online program, etc. The more focused, the better! If you aren’t sure what might work, let me know!
Brainstorm the steps that it takes to complete the task.
Order the steps and identify which steps should be sub-steps.
Draft an introduction that contextualizes the process for your specific audience and conclusion that offers suggestions for troubleshooting or what users might do next.
Add other sections that may be necessary, such as warning/caution/danger explanations, explanation of tools, a glossary, or an appendix.
Conduct a user test (if possible)! Ask someone from your specific audience to follow your instructions. Make adjustments based on their questions, concerns, and problems with completing the process.
Revise the instructions. Ensure that each step begins with an imperative phrase and that the steps are organized sequentially. Add an appropriate title that is clear and straightforward.
Take photographs or find appropriate fair use images to add to your instructions. Ensure that they have labels, captions, and/or alt-text depending on your subject.
Design the instructions page so that it includes plenty of white space, attends to best practices in document design, and matches the character of the process. For example, a set of instructions about how a member of your audience might create a Twitter account and begin tweeting would likely use the Twitter symbol and the “Twitter blue” colors. Ensure that fonts and images are large and easily readable.
Submit your instructions

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