Identify errors in current patient care delivery methods.

Posted: July 20th, 2022

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The purpose of this assignment is for the student to gain practice in organizing and managing a practice guideline or procedure revision in the clinical setting that is evidence based as it relates to patient safety.
Students must identify a problem or error in their current clinical setting as it relates to patient safety using the National Patient Safety Goals 2022 as a guide to choose the practice problem. Students must also use Lewin’s Change Theory discussed in Chapter 8 to discuss implementation of your revision.
This is a 6-8 page paper (excluding title and reference page) in APA format using a minimum of 3 references from valid and current (less than 5 years) sources.
This project must be of significance to the employing agency and not be selected solely to meet the requirements of the course, and must be started and completed during this semester. Additionally, this assignment helps the student meet the practicum requirements for this course as specified in the syllabus and practicum policy and Course Measurable Learning Outcome #4
Students will meet this outcome by:

Identifying a threat to patient safety.
Identify errors in current patient care delivery methods.
Discussing the elements found in an organization where a “Culture of Safety” is present by current and relevant literature review.
Identify opportunities identified by the IOM to improve patient safety.

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