If you no longer find this program beneficial, why?

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Instructions:There are three discussion topics. Choose any two topics.
Post your main topic responses by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Saturday. Make value-added reply posts to at least two of classmates by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Tuesday.  A minimum of two reply posts is required, but three or more value-added replies to classmate threads may earn maximum credit.  Respond to each topic as a separate thread, and label your post by topic number so that it is clear which topic is being discussed.  
Supporting your views with references: 
When you make an assertion of fact, state that it is based on your own experience or provide an in-text citation for the reference source you used to support your response.  A minimum of two sources is required for the main topic, and for the reply posts. You do not need two sources for each topic, but you do need two sources across your main topic responses.  For maximum credit, you will need three or more.  You will also need a minimum of two references to support your reply responses to classmates.  For maximum credit, you will need three or more. 
See Content>Discussion Expectations for full instructions.  
TOPIC 1: Customer Expectations PROMPT: Compare two companies within the automobile industry: one that is known for exceeding expectations (delight) and another that reflects simply positive satisfaction. What influenced the customer perceptions of performance (expectations, quality, responsiveness, price)?  martin-dm / E+ Collection / Getty Images TOPIC 2: Consumer Decision Making Process PROMPT: Describe the decision-making process for a Tesla Cybertruck vehicle through input (marketing efforts), processing (recognition and evaluation), and output (purchase). Include specific components of each stage such as sociocultural environmental factors, motivations and postpurchase evaluation.   Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images   TOPIC 3: Loyalty Schemes PROMPT: Loyalty schemes have a long history beginning with the early airline frequent flyer programs. Today, this concept has been applied to many industries including restaurants, apparel, fitness, entertainment, etc. Choose a loyalty program that you find beneficial, or once found beneficial. Based on your knowledge of customer retention and customer lifetime value, discuss how this loyalty scheme influences or influenced your consumer behavior. Then, describe two ways that the loyalty program benefits or benefited you as the customer and three or more ways that loyalty program benefits or benefited the company.  If you no longer find this program beneficial, why? MStudioImages / E+ Collection / Getty Images  

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