I’m working on a health & medical project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
It’s a real business case, so it’s not an assignment. Therefore, I need help in designing and shaping the business profile in a good way and finding out the services that can be delivered so I can present it with full knowledge. So before you accept this, I need from you to understand the whole business and be able to study the Saudi market and know the market in medical home care businesses in general before you make your bid, because if I don’t get the expected solutions, we will both lose time. So kindly read the below requirements:
# A medical center in Riyadh the capital city of Saudi Arabia will start up in medical home care and telemedicine, so what are the medical services that they can provide it to get the full capacity of 100 nurses to provide home care services and how we can solve the problems in the market and cover the needs?
For example, they can do the services for both B2B and B2C. Regarding B2C, they can provide the service of sending a nurse to give insulin needle for diabetics at home. B2B example, because some of the hospitals and clinics in Saudi Arabia have some shortage in having nurses, we can make these hospitals and clinics rent from our nursing staff to cover their shortage. B2C example, some of the old people here in Saudi Arabia need nurses to take care of them, so we can provide this service for renting to take care of those old ppl. Also, we can make send out contracts with laboratories, so we can make packages for blood check up(healthcare check up), to send the nurse to collect the blood samples from the client, and then send the sample to the lab that we have contacts with, and by our prepared fleet cars will get this properly with time and productivity. Another examples, providing the service of skin cleaning, and whitening skin at customers homes. Therefore, our nurses will be transformed by our transportation fleet.
1- I need a study in the Saudi market to know the market in home care services, and to be in a presentation supported with pictures, numbers, problems and solutions?
2- At least list 20 efficient services with details of the provided service that will be delivered to the customers to cover the 100 nurses, and to be mentioned in the presentation? You can use the examples services that already mentioned up to be shown in the presentation specially the send out agreements with labs to provide blood sample check up in customers home. You can use them with adding more information and details to them. And then you can add your ideas that will help to get the maximum of 100 nurses.
3- I need the vision and mission and the other factors to convince the board to support this business, as I’m a sales manager and the plan how we can expand in other cities.
4- You can copy and paste from other resources, or from other business, it’s ok as long as it will bring customers and will be very effective and attractive to customers.
5- I need full proposal including the study in Saudi market, home care services, business profile and plan. This is a real business not an assignment, so please I need coherent and good convincing details that will bring money for the medical center.
6- The medical center will not provide massage or physiotherapy.
7- To sum up, I need to have a presentation that the definition, business profile, mission&vision&values, and the most important thing is to list at least 20 services to be done at customers houses or with corporates, and these services will be delivered to get the full capacity of 100 nurses in home visits or partnership with corporates(B2B).
8- The presentation must be designed in a good way and easy to understand. I attached a file that you can get some ideas how to make an organized presentation with inserting pictures and numbers.
if I like your work, I can give you a good tip at the end, good luck and I’m sure there are a lot of experts and smart who can help me to get this done in perfect ideas!
I need it in 5 hours, after that i will contact you here to discuss the details, so kindly I need your express communication with me.

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