I’m working on a history writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The general objective of your Themed Research Essay is to summarize a subject in history studied during the grading period THROUGH the lens of a theme found in my list of themes provided. Example, if you were in an Early World History course and wanted to write about Alexander the Great, you would then choose to summarize the history of him through a theme, such as Power of Personality, where you might discuss his military leadership as conqueror of the world. OR you could talk about him through the theme of Pivot Points in History and talk about how he ushered in the Hellenistic Era and changed the political and cultural face of the world. Those are examples. Pick 3 themes (out of the 20 provided) SPECIFICALLY & ONLY related to the Colonization of the New World, the establishment of the British Colonies, and the Revolution leading up to the Founding of the United States of America FROM THE THEME LIST PROVIDED (FILE ATTACHED) And write about 3 separate subjects through the themes you choose. Look at the STUDENT SAMPLE (FILE ATTACHED) and see how they have formatted their 3 sections of the essay. For each subject you discuss through the lens of a theme, you need to quote your textbook OR an outside secondary scholarly source of your choosing once and ONE primary document found from outside research. (See further details about your sources below). Use a different primary document for each subject you write on. You must include a properly formatted Works Cited at the end. These assignments will help you learn to see history in terms of these themes. Some of these themes are quite self-explanatory and some are not. For each Themed Essay Assignment, you will write a minimum 750-word entry (CONTENT ONLY – Works Cited DOES NOT count towards minimum word count) about 3 historical topics that you can extrapolate from the subjects we have studied in that grading period in which the Themed Essay is assigned. EACH ENTRY PARAGRAPH WRITTEN ON A SUBJECT MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 250 WORDS. So the math here is easy = 3 different theme discussions of 250 word minimum each yields a total minimum word count of 750 words AND 3 separate themes X 2 Assignments = 6 historical themes used in the semester. I expect to see original analysis, interpretation and rhetorical content.
Requirements: 750 words

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