I’m working on a marketing multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.Question 1 :Create a perceptual map (one slide) for any category you like. Choose the axis and atleast 5 brands to create the map. Any research will be helpful for you to explain in the class (optional). Some of you will present their case study in the class. Please see attached an example for reference.Question 2: BT (formerly British Telecom) provides consumers and businesses with fixed-line, mobile, broadband, subscription TV and IT services. It has operations in 180 countries.a What general strategic issues will BT’s marketing strategy have to provide an answer for?b How should BT determine what role Digital Marketing should take within the marketing strategy?2.2 Go to: www.thinkwithgoogle.com.a What are the top ten internet-related technological and social trends that you can find there?b Choose a chain of fashion stores that appeals to you. How could an organization capitalize on these trends using Digital Marketing?c Would the marketing strategy of these fashion stores need to change?Please substantiate your answer.d According to which four steps should this retail chain determine how much their business model needs to be innovated?2.3 The Ritz-Carlton is a chain of luxury hotels with a rich tradition (it is now owned by Marriott International). The Hotel’s mission is to ‘provide guests with genuine care and comfort, the most refined personal service and facilities and a warm, relaxed, refined ambiance’. The Ritz-Carlton ‘stimulates the senses, fosters wellbeing and fulfils even the unspoken wishes and needs of its guests’.a Explain why the mission and objectives of an organization are of great importance to the chosen business model.b Who do you think the target audience of Ritz-Carlton hotels is?c On what characteristics do you think Ritz-Carlton has based its positioning?d When you look at the mission and positioning of the Ritz-Carlton, what role do you think ‘digital’ plays in their business model?2.4 WhatsApp is a cross-platform application for mobile messaging, allowing for the exchange of messages. It was acquired by Facebook Inc. for $19 Billion in 2014. It is available for smartphones with various operating systems in many countries. WhatsApp users can send each other an unlimited number of images, video and audio messages. When originally launched, WhatsApp was free for the first year. After that, users paid a fixed, yearly fee for usage of the app.Indicate what you think the following building blocks were for WhatsApp:a Value propositionb Customer relationshipsc Revenue sourcesd Key resources2.5 Look at the list of earnings models in paragraph 2.3.2 ‘revenue streams’. Find a new example for each of these earnings models. Why do you think these organizations chose this earnings model?2.6 Below you will find the business model of ‘Babolat Play’. The ‘Babolat Play’ is a tennis racquet (racket) with built-in sensors that uses Bluetooth to communicate with an app. Using analytical software, players can analyze their personal tennis data in order to improve their game. The image shows the Business Model Canvas.a What improvements would you make to this Business Model Canvas?b For each building block, explain the role Digital Marketing could play.c How should ‘Babolat’ determine the impact of artificial intelligence on their Digital Marketing?2.7 Cleartrip Case Study (can be found on chegg)a Describe Cleartrip’s business model.b What explains the success of Cleartrip so far? How much does Digital Marketing drive its overall corporate strategy?c What new digital technologies should Cleartrip take into account in the future?d What do you estimate the impact of these changing technologies to be on the travel sector in India? Globally? Please substantiate your answer.e Do you think Cleartrip needs to make small, medium or big changes to adapt to the changing market conditions? Which of the four features (see 2.3.3 by Houtgraaf and Bekkers) should they take? What consequences does this have for their business model, marketing strategy, marketing tools and operational marketing?f f If you were CMO of Cleartrip, what improvements would you make to their marketing strategy, in response to the latest digital innovations? Apply clear criteria and substantiate your answer with relevant arguments.
Requirements: Answer each question   |   .doc file

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