I’m working on a public health case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a public health case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
A1.Article Analysis. Being able to critically read and interpret research articles is an important skill in public health. This question will help you practice this skill while allowing you to reflect on the material you’ve learned throughout the course.
Identify a topic you’ve learned in this course that sparks your interest (e.g. nutrition and mental wellness). In doing so, list some keywords that might relate to the topic (e.g. “stress,” “plant-based foods”)
Conduct a search of research literature on Google Scholar, using some of the keywords you listed.
Once you’ve found an article you’re interested in, read it carefully and thoroughly.
Write your analysis, keeping in mind the following questions:
What is the article’s central question?
What is the article’s hypothesis or argument?
How was the study designed and performed?
What were the article’s conclusions?
What is the article’s relevance to the class?
Why you find it particularly interesting
B.3 (300 – 500 words)Imagine that you are a public health provider with a Master’s in Public Health in Nutrition and a Doctorate in Global Public Health. You have been hired by the Pan American Health Organization on a mission to promote awareness about diabetes and decrease the prevalence of diabetes in Mexico. What will be your recommendations on eating style? What will you recommend they continue from their traditional eating style? What will you recommend they diminish or not continue from their current eating style? Get familiar first with the traditional eating habits and culture in Mexico.
B.2 (300 – 500 words)Having watched the videos on Blue Zone areas (Okinawa, Sardinia, Loma Linda), you have seen examples of how these populations live longer and have a high quality of life. These areas are notable for the high percentage of people who live to 100 and beyond. If you were to implement a Blue Zone lifestyle in your community, what would that look like? Describe the challenges of implementing this. Describe the characteristics of your community, which could be: your dorm; your church; your immediate neighborhood; your fraternity/sorority; or even an entire country. Be sure to include the Public Health steps (Assess, Build, Plan, Implement, Evaluate) in your answer.
C.1 (300 – 500 words)Imagine that the President has made you the nation’s Nutrition Czar working side by side with the Surgeon General. The two of you are charged with implementing the guidelines for the Healthy People 2050 initiative. You get to choose one issue to focus on. You are excited to apply your passions on the national stage. Describe the specific issue you plan to advocate for. Detail the outcome you expect to achieve if your legislative proposals take effect. List the stakeholders who will support you and those who will oppose you on this issue. How will your brilliant idea change people’s health and their life for the better?
C.5 (300 – 500 words)
Food recalls are ever present in our society. Most recently, there was a “food scare” around Romaine lettuce. The safety of the food supply is a critical part of a functional and effective food policy for any country to protect the health of the public. Imagine that the CDC has just announced a potential food safety issue for certain brands of hot dogs. You are a public health communications officer for the Orange County Department of Public Health. Develop an engaging and informative infographic or poster that you will use to inform the public and post in public spaces. Consider the role of social media in your challenge here.
D.3 (300 – 500 words)You have been hired by the U.S. Surgeon General and also by a special committee of the World Health Organization to develop a proposal for a new policy relating to the situation described in these two videos below by Dr. Greger from Week 8. Identify some ways in which food industry interests have impacted both nutrition information and consumer food choices. What would be your recommendation for a nutritional policy for the FDA and the FTC? What are the forces at play on this topic? What are the challenges? To what degree does the government play a role in this arena and what should that role be?Taxpayer Subsidies for Unhealthy Foods (Links to an external site.) The Food Industry Wants the Public Confused About Nutrition (Links to an external site.)

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