In 5-7 pages, writers will make and support an argumentative claim using effective evidence.

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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In 5-7 pages, writers will make and support an argumentative claim using effective, non-fallacious logic and evidence. Our purpose is to PERSUADE a general audience to consider a specific position we hold that’s tied to an issue that falls under the topic’s umbrella. Note: we are not arguing in favor of a broad position (i.e. “Social media is bad”), but rather in favor of a specific position that concerns the values of said perspective (i.e. “Social media outlets should/should not be treated as a utility instead of as private corporations”).
1. The assignment is labeled as an Argumentative Synthesis essay. As such, this essay assignment asks that we attempt to synthesize ideas from sources with one another as well as our own experiences/perspective. This means that we must use multiple sources in order to develop our argumentative reasons/points. Therefore, I ask that the majority of body paragraphs use multiple sources to develop the argumentative points. In short, let’s aim for synthesis in 50% or more of our body paragraphs.
2. While we will be using at least eight sources to make our case, I am only allowing writers to use THREE direct quotes in this essay (the exception being statistics, as we cannot paraphrase certain figures). Therefore, writers will be required to paraphrase source ideas and summarize larger passages of text. Paraphrasing ensures comprehension, so this is my way of ensuring that writers understand the ideas extracted from their articles. Therefore, choose your quotes wisely. If a paraphrase has some carry-over (i.e. proper nouns or other words that cannot be rephrased), that’s totally fine, though make sure we are always attributing ownership of words and ideas to their origins. In other words, remember to cite, whether we’re quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing sourced material.

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