In this assignment you are required to write a discussion post and comment on a

Posted: November 30th, 2022

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In this assignment you are required to write a discussion post and comment on a minimum of 2 other students posts. Initial posts should be completed by 11pm Friday 11/25 and replies are due on 11pm on Tuesday 11/29.
Your post should be a minimum of three sentences and should maintain proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. Replies and comments to other student posts should be polite and respectful. Remember to abide by the online etiquette as discussed in the syllabus.
This week we are exploring our possible paths in Business Law. We’ve looked at starting a business, Forms a Business Can Take, Business Property, Contracts and finally this week we explored Employment Concepts. For this discussion post, please think broadly about business office and consider in what settings your skills may be useful.
I would like you to research and identify various occupational opportunities in business and accompanying skills you could step into and write a brief summary of:
What actions would be required of you in that position,
How it would use the general knowledge gained from this course,
What you need to be qualified for the position, and
Provide a link to an organization that facilitates this type of business or employment opportunity.
As you conduct your research, please reach out directly to a professional with the organization and conduct a short interview to round out your information about the organization and how you could get involved.
For your replies, please discuss if you find this opportunity something you would or would not like to participate in and why, or further develop the information about this organization and perhaps comment on your personal experience, if you already volunteer with it or work in the area. You could also help develop the expected skills for success in this role.
“Yes” or “No” or “I agree” is not an answer nor is it a response. I’m looking for developed answers that include an analysis requested in the prompt in relationship to the content of the textbook and outside research. A response is a comment to someone, so please indicate whose post you are responding to and develop your answer. I don’t know the context for your response if I don’t know who, by name, you are responding to. The statement, “I agree with you”, doesn’t tell me who as all I see is a string of names.

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