In this assignment, you will research the “Lemon Laws” for both Oregon and Washington.

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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The need to “repurchase” or “buyback” a vehicle that was not able to be fixed is a black eye for you, your dealer, and Toyota. No one wins in these scenarios. We don’t often think about the ramifications of repeated repairs as a technician, but repeated, failed repair attempts could lead to a “Lemon Law” situation and potential buyback scenario.
In this assignment, you will research the “Lemon Laws” for both Oregon and Washington. This knowledge coupled with Toyota’s Fix It Right the First Time work flow process, will assist you in determining the appropriate actions to take with the three given scenarios.
Assignment Objectives
Using Supplemental Reading Packets (SRP), linked below, and chosen research techniques identify both Oregon and Washington state Lemon Law statutes for New Car purchases.
Using SRP analyze given scenarios for proper protocols for enhanced customer satisfaction.
Cite all resources using the APA style. A good resource for understanding APA: Purdue OWL: APA Format Style Guide (Links to an external site.)
Please be sure to include both in-text and reference cites.
Fix it Right the First Time-Repair Process
Assignment Instructions:
Completion of the following assignment is mandatory for a passing grade in this course. The following link indicates the format that the assignment should follow and expectations/template for you to follow. Your final paper should be typed in MS Word using the font Arial, size 12, double spaced.
Hints for a successful paper:
You may use any written resource to research. It is recommended to restrict your resources to government-issued documents and verifiable sources.
Be sure to use Spell Check. It is recommended to have a family member or friend review your document for understandability and flow.
Be sure to cite your sources using APA citation style
Total paper length is expected to be 3-5 pages
You can review the UOT – TDLR-61 – Fix It Right The First Time – Can help understand the processes in place

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