In this task, you are required to demonstrate a professional level of knowledge

Posted: December 5th, 2022

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In this task, you are required to demonstrate a professional level of knowledge and understanding in relation to ‘professional, ethical and inclusive behaviours.
To complete the task, you should provide a written response to each of the points below, making appropriate use of academic theory and practical examples to expand your response and illustrate key points. NOTE: To help the reader, please make use of headings and assessment criteria references to signpost the assessment criteria being addressed.
1- Define the term professional and explain what it means to be a ‘people professional’. HR professional
2- Explore how the role of a people professional (either a generalist or a particular specialist) is evolving and the priorities this raises for continuing professional development (CPD) 3- Discuss the concept of ‘ethical values’, and how at least three ethical values that you hold personally, impact (or could impact) on your work as a people professional. 4- Explain why it is essential for people professionals to contribute confidently to discussions, and ways of doing this that are:
-clear -engaging.
5- Discuss when and how to raise concerns when issues such as organizational policies or leadership approaches conflict with ethical values or legislation. 6- Provide a robust argument for ethical people practice that is supported by academic theory and details both the business and human benefits of people at work feeling included, valued and fairly treated. 7- Drawing on your own or a hypothetical example of providing a people practice solution to meet a particular need or introducing a new policy or initiative, describe:
-Strategies for designing the solution/initiative so that it will be inclusive
-Strategies for checking that, when in practice, the solution/initiative engages and meets the needs of all those it is aimed at. From your own example of experience or you would do/ how did you design it or from you get the idea of.
Requirements: 15 references are a minimum.
Word count (exclusive the questions): 2100.

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