Incident Management  

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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 Already the project one done. Now Project 2 needs to be completed. 
1.  Incident Management  
2. Access Management
  Primary focus should be on these steps.
As a team you may select a different game template or keep the same one from the one your team used in Part 1. 
Each team member should do the research to discover the Objective, Scope, and Value of the selected process and function for their part of the project, part 2.
Objective of  Incident Management  
Objective of Access Management 
Scope of Incident Management  
Scope of Access Management 
Value of Incident Management 
Value of  Access Management 
STEP 9: Game name is “Pair Up” I’m the screenshots, link and sample PPT of this game.
Just like part 1, each member should build the game with their selected knowledge process and function.
Important Note: This assignment needs to be completed in PPT.   In order to get an idea I’m attaching the sample PPT part 1 assignment which we did as team project.
Please go through the word document named “ISEM570_Project_R13” which involves Steps 6 to 9.
Already Step 6 is done. Now the primary focus will be on Step 6, 7 and 9. 

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