Insert into sales_projections values (1864, ‘commercial’, ‘a fully autonomous self-driving car’);

Posted: November 8th, 2022

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1) Create a NEW pluggable database with your first initial and last name. For example, my pluggable database would be named tmacmullen. Connect to your pluggable database using the ALTER SESSION command.
2) Verify that OLS is enabled in your pluggable database. If it isn’t, then enable it and re-verify.
3) Within your pluggable database, run the following commands:
create user president identified by president;
create user vicepresident identified by vicepresident;
create user salesmanager identified by salesmanager;
create user generalmanager identified by generalmanager;
create user scott identified by tiger ;
grant create session to president, vicepresident, salesmanager, generalmanager, scott;
grant create table, unlimited tablespace to president;
3) Connect to your pdb as President and run the following table create:
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1102, ‘Experimental Concep’, ‘The use of remote viewing to target the minds of diplomats through their dreams’);
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1436, ‘Hydrogen Cell’, ‘Research into weather controlling technology’);
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1577, ‘Plug-In Electric’, ‘Anti-gravity research’);
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1296, ‘Plug-In Hybrid’, ‘Attempts to induce paralysis in an enemy via mental impairment’);
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1863, ‘Gas-Electric Hybrid’, ‘Speading disinformation about UFOs’);
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1864, ‘Commercial’, ‘A fully autonomous self-driving car’);
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1895, ‘Foreign’, ‘A plug-in electric eco friendly sportscar’);
insert into SALES_PROJECTIONS values (1066, ‘Domestic’, ‘A new sports-car with premium turbo accelleration.’);
4) Connect as a user with lbacsys access and create a policy called ols_govproj using a column name lb_col and default option of no control.
Then create the following level components for the policy:
10 TDS Top_Drawer_Secret
9 TS Top_Secret
8 S Secret
7 C Confidential
6 P Privileged
2 UC Unclassified
1 PK Public_Knowledge
NOTE: All users should be able to read data with their own access AND all access levels below.
Apply the policy to the SALES_PROJECTIONS table
5) Give the following access levels to the following users:
President = Top_Drawer_Secret
vicepresident = Top_Secret
salesmanager = Secret
generalmanager = Unclassified
scott = Public_Knowledge
6) Set the following labels to the following projections
1066 Public_Knowledge
1102 Secret
1296 Confidential
1436 Privileged
1577 Unclassified
1863 Top_Secret
1864 Top_Drawer_Secret
1895 Top_Drawer_Secret
7) Change the policy to enforce on read
8) Connect as each user, do a SELECT * ON SALES_PROJECTIONS to show what each user can access
You must submit: A screen shot of you connecting to your pluggable database as each user and then having that user run SELECT * on SALES_PROJECTIONS. So, you should have five (5) screen shots. No more, no less. I MUST see in your screenshot that you are connected to your pluggable database.
SQLPLUS PRESIDENT@president/localhost:1521/tmacmullen

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