Instructions Welcome to the first assignment! Before you begin this assignment,

Posted: January 1st, 2023

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Welcome to the first assignment!
Before you begin this assignment, please review the course materials from the first three weeks of class with a particular focus on the three mainstream theoretical perspectives: realism, liberalism, and constructivism. Please pay particular attention to the definition of each and avoid pairing them with domestic perceptions of conservatives, liberals, etc. I also recommend reviewing the Week Two discussion.
For this assignment, you will choose a world event from the list below. Identify the key individuals, states, and non-state actors involved (see W1 Contents for non-state actors). Then decide which theory would best explain the event, and explain your choice. Be sure to define the theory and any other terms you use. Your response should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced. Make sure that your introduction includes a thesis statement that explicitly states the purpose/argument of your paper and the theoretical lens.
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (popularly known as the “Iran nuclear deal”)
The Abraham Accords, normalization of relations between Israel, the UAE, and other Arab states
Brexit, the drawn-out effort for Britain to leave the European Union
The Paris Agreement and/or the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement
How the international community handled the global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19)
The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
The possible expansion of NATO in 2022-2023 (for example, the invitations extended to Finland and Sweden, the application from Ukraine, and the interest expressed by other states like Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and potentially others).
If you’d like to test the IR theories on a different situation, please write me to check on whether the scenario will work for the goals of the assignment (
Please, no quoting! Paraphrase the information and then credit the original sources with Chicago parenthetical in-text citations and a Reference List. You want to leave as much space as possible to get your own ideas down.

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