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Posted: November 3rd, 2022

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Giving feedback requires a comprehensive range of skills and techniques of communication. People can give feedback to their clients, partners or any private or business relationship by listening, asking questions, interpreting the observation results and persuading people to take the suggested advice. I would like to use my work experience of giving feedback to different shareholders in my business as examples to emphasize the importance of practising it.
West (2012) argues that it is important to give positive feedback to other people, in fact he also suggests that 95% of your feedback should be positive, and only 5% negative. As my job is the headmaster of an English training school, to give feedback on my teachers` effort of teaching and their work performance is one of my daily routines. And I teach students,too; I have to tell what the students do well and what they should improve later. To give positive feedback to them can increase their confidence at work and study, and it is a good way to motivate them to overcome the difficulties, learn new things and improve themselves. West(2012) makes the point that positive feedback should be timely and specific. I usually give the feedback to my students right at the end of the class and tell them which part of the knowledge they have improved better than the last class and what they should keep practicing; and I prefer to analyse the reasons why they made a particular kind of mistakes with details and evidence to support my saying, and they can receive my feedback without any misunderstanding and they know exactly how to do better after receiving my feedback.
Giving feedback is also an important communication skill for managers, noted by Jug ( 2019). There is another group of people that I should give feedback, they are the students` parents. Instead of giving feedback by stating first in the conversation, I prefer to ask how they feel about the courses and the whole experience of studying English at my workshop and try to listen more about their feelings and pay attention to the details of their concerns on their children. It can help me build up trust, care and respect between my and the parents.Jug suggests that should be just one element of a relationship. The more we trust and care about each other, the more accurate responds I can receive from them. I give my feedback based on my observation on the students` behaviors in the classroom, my conversation with the students and their homework to the parents, and analyze the reasons why they would concern about that issue, and how to solve the problems with details and provide different strategies to let them try and waiting for another round of receiving and giving feedback.
Giving feedback is a good way for people to have a growth mindset rather than the fixed mindset. People can reflect themselves by the details of the feedback that provided by different groups of people around. Giving feedback is also a good way of improving our job performance and make it more effectively by giving, receiving and reflecting the feedback.
West, M.A. (2012) Effective Teamwork: Practical Lessons from Organizational Research. John Wiley & Sons.
Jug, R., Jiang, X.S. & Bean, S.M. (2019). Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback: A Review Article and How-To Guide. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. 143(2) 244–250.

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