Keep a record of everything you eat or drink for one day. Pay attention to servi

Posted: January 27th, 2023

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Keep a record of everything you eat or drink for one day. Pay attention to serving sizes/quantities
Go to (Links to an external site.) Website is free. There is an app available but it costs $2.99
Click on “sign up for free” in the green box
Set up your account by using your email and pick a password. Then fill out the info on birthday, sex, height and weight. Click on “create account”. A verification email will be sent to your email account. Go to your email and click on the link there. It will then open up into the website.
Look at the top and find the Add Food (next to the apple icon). A new screen will pop up and you begin to enter everything you ate or drank for one day. After you find the food item in the search box, make sure you pick the quantity/serving size (found on same page). See in right corner where you can select Serving Size by choosing grams, cups, ounces or other options. Then click ADD TO DIARY.
You will see your food added, keep going back to the search box and add all foods and beverages for the day.
You will see all the info compiled for you. For the purpose of this paper, you only need to focus on food intake. Exercise and biometrics would be for your personal interest only. The assignment specifically does not ask about supplements and vitamins/minerals pills since you need to learn if you cover your vitamin and mineral needs through food choices alone.
To understand the data. Yellow means under, Green means good/at your limit and Red means exceeded the limit.
Assignment 3 is based on your following answers to these questions. All criteria highlighted in yellow needs to answered in your paper. Type your answers in paragraph format to the following questions: USE COMPLETE SENTENCES. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS (structure your answers into paragraphs. Do not use Q & A. Do not repeat every question for your answers )
Look at the top of your food diary (food list) Reflect on your food intake for the day. Was this a typical or atypical day of food choices for you? What influenced your food intake for this day?
Look at your Energy (Calories) Summary- What is your energy/calorie recommendation (stated as Burned)? What number did you receive (stated as Consumed)? What are some strategies for improvement to reduce or improve? What percentage of the total energy/calories is coming from fat, proteins and carbs? Compare each to the recommendation. (You can click on the “?” in the Macronutrient box to get more info). How can you improve or reduce each of these three macronutrients? I want to see a detailed analysis on your fats, proteins and carbs.
Scroll down and look at the section called Highlighted Nutrients (circle graphs). Which nutrients are under 50%? What can you do to improve these areas?
Discuss the following components in your diet and list the main source contributing to this number: saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, fiber, sodium, and sugar. SHOW YOUR DATA (numbers) along with the recommendations. Identify what you think contributed to your added sugar number. Offer solutions for any areas that concern you. I do not know why Cronometer does not post some of the recommended ranges and puts N/A instead, so compare YOUR data with the recommendations from the American Heart Association
AHA Recommendation
CholesterolKeep it under 300mg
SodiumKeep it under 2300mg
SugarMen- 38g or lessWomen- 25g or less
Did you meet all of the nutritional recommendations for vitamins and minerals? (yellow –under, green –good, red-over) If not, which ones do you need more of? List what foods contain the minerals, vitamins and nutrients you are lacking. (Do investigative research by using your text or other resources. Do NOT say you (will) take supplements or multivitamins. The purpose of this section is for the student to learn which real foods contain vitamins and minerals). Offer strategies to introduce these researched foods into your diet.
Are you satisfied with your overall diet? (write a complete answer!) What improvements do you need to make, if any? Offer some specific suggestions (like an action plan) to improve or maintain your diet. Use your researched list of food source to provide some meal plans. Give SPECIFIC examples of how you can introduce lacking nutrients into your daily food intake.
For full credit on this assignment, you need to turn in
Typed answers. Use paragraph format (not Q & A) and submit a two page, single spaced report. (1000+ words) THIS IS YOUR PAPER

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