Launches two airstrikes in 24 hours against iranian-backed forces in syria, after the rushdie attack, can the iran nuclear be safe?, i’m an american why have i been left to rot as a hostage of iran?, joe biden has a saudi problem, only saudi arabia and israel arabs can save israel as a jewish democracy and what the u.s gets wrong about iran.

Posted: November 7th, 2022

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Read 12 Articles about middle east in The New York Times and write about 5 of them (75 words each).You need to list all 12 Articles names and mention what Articles you write about it but do not use these articles; New York Times publications’ coverage of the middle east, Fighting Between U.S. and Iran-Backed Militias Escalates in Syria , Cloud wars: Mideast rivalries rise along a new front, What bidden got right on his trip to the middle east, The Iran-Iraq war, and U.S. Launches Two Airstrikes in 24 Hours Against Iranian-Backed Forces in Syria, After the Rushdie attack, can the Iran Nuclear be safe?, I’m an American why have I been left to rot as a hostage of Iran?, Joe Biden has a Saudi problem, Only Saudi Arabia and Israel Arabs can Save Israel as a Jewish democracy and What the U.S gets wrong about Iran.

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