Link: Q1. At the end of “The Wanderers,” the n

Posted: December 2nd, 2022

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Q1. At the end of “The Wanderers,” the narrator poses a question that goes unanswered: “After forty years putting down roots in another country, can you really go back home and fit in as if nothing has happened?”
What do you think? (200-250 words)
Q2. Critically reply to your peer’s response to Question 1, express your thoughts, add to the answer and give reasons as to why you disagree or agree. (200-250 words)
“In my opinion, I feel as if it is completely reasonable to go back home after 40 years of putting down roots in another country. You could even equate this to immigration; someone immigrates to a different country and implants themselves into society. However, the country they consider home, will always be home to them. In addition, I have personally thought of this concept while watching the news and reading certain articles. Are people nervous or uncomfortable coming into a different country and leaving their homes? Maybe this is what they want to consider their new home? I believe that it depends on the person and their connection to their home country, whether this is possible or not.”
Q3. For you final project, please answer the following prompt in 2-3 pages:How did your understanding of immigation change or deepen as a result of this class? Did anything suprise you or challenge a previously-held assumption?
Your assignment should be 2-3 pages.
*For this question I will send you the class syllabus so you can go through all the readings and write a good answer.

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