List of human resources

Posted: November 11th, 2022

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Familiarize yourself with the Ministry’s website and its affiliated platforms
Ashel platform (employee self-service)
Organizational Chart
list of human resources
HR Operations
human resource planning
Human Resource Development
Bylaws (classification and coding of jobs)
Performance Management
Event Management
attend a meeting
1- Dues of state employees (allowances)
2- Suppliers dues and submitting requests on the Etimad platform
3- Collecting rents for investment contracts in the eastern region
4- The working mechanism of disbursing purchase orders
5- Receipt and delivery of the covenant
6- Committee for the estimation of example wages
7- Violations: Efaa platform and Bayan platform
The mechanism of old and new violations
Introducing the Statistics Department, work tasks, and the Bayan platform
Participating in entering September data for quarries Participating in preparing the ministerial performance report for September
Participation in the preparation of the ministerial performance report for the third quarter
Participation in the preparation of the performance report for the branch for the third quarter
See how to prepare the licenses file according to classification View the Al-Ahsa report PowerPoint file
Apply a variety of techniques in Excel and develop skills in it. Review the annual report
– A visit to the Alrowia Association for Agricultural Marketing affiliated to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and supported by human resources.
– Visit Dammam Central Market for vegetables and fruits to monitor and follow the prices of agricultural crops during sale in the Haraj peri (

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