Mention patient needs of transparency in medical care

Posted: July 2nd, 2022

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APA format
175 – 265 words
Cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference
For example: Mention patient needs of transparency in medical care
For example: Mention service excellence and how it impacts how the physician and/or services rendered would be perceived
Agree and further the conversation with Hayden. Respond to the following:
Hayden Martin
2:21 PM
Allowing consumers to have a choice within healthcare is extremely important. Getting consumer feedback and ideas is one thing a company can use when marketing. People looking for healthcare want to see the provider is patient focused in all aspects, such as physically, emotionally, and even financially. Taking ideas from our consumers and implementing them will only help strengthen other consumers experiences. Utilizing social media is another way to attract those who are partaking in medical tourism because it gives your organization an opportunity to sell it self. Being able to show the kind of services to people prior to them making the decision to travel such a long way will build their confidence with your organization. Providers who partake in medical tourism are able to provide customer intimacy and involvement by thoroughly describing services, treatments, and any aftercare that may be needed in the future. Creating a strong relationship starting from the marketing to when we see the patient is vital to the success of the organization as well as the patient and their health outcomes.

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