Module 06: Discussion Board According to Stevenson (2021), processes converting

Posted: January 7th, 2023

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Module 06: Discussion Board
According to Stevenson (2021), processes converting inputs into outputs are at the core of operations management and have strategic significance. Process selection occurs when new products or services are being planned, when technological changes are needed and when competitive pressure increases. Among the benefits of creating and using processes we can mention cost reduction, meeting customers’ expectations, and streamlining business operations.
For this discussion, do the following:
Identify what a business process is and mention its benefits and disadvantages.
Discuss what a workflow diagram is and how it can help organizations.
Select an organization you are familiar with and share the details of the workflow diagram. How many steps are in the process? How many people are in the process? Did the process have errors, time sensitivity, bottlenecks? Is the diagram effective?
Discuss the biggest challenge and benefits of the workflow of your selected organization. How would you improve the workflow diagram for them?
Explain why your new workflow design is better and how it will improve the success of the organization.
Directions :
1-Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with two scholarly peer-reviewed references in supporting your answer.
2-Use academic writing standards and APA 7th edition style guidelines.
3- 3 pages and 4 references
4- the organization NOT FROM IRAN OR ISRAEL
5- be sure to answer all questions
6- 0% plagiarism
7- orgnization ( NOT FROM ISREAL OR IRAN )
7- please find the PPT and some benefit references and rubric and textbook name.
8- benefit references Stevenson, W. (2021). Operations management (14th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.
Print ISBN: 9781260238891; Print Text $164
eText ISBN: 9781260242355; eText rent: $55.00
Chapters 6 & 7, and Chapter 7 supplement in Operations Management
Chapter 6 & 7 PowerPoint slides – Operations Management
Ibrahim, P.A. (2020). Ergonomic workplace design for micro, small and medium enterprises: A conceptual model. IUP Journal of Management Research, 19(2), 7-23.
Rajput., B.L., & Agarwal, A.L. (2020). Selection of construction equipment supplier using analytical hierarchy process. IUP Journal of Management Research, 19(3), 7-15.

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