Much more than an article summary is expected; students are expected to critically evaluate the main points of the article and relate them to topics discussed in class.

Posted: November 9th, 2022

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eriodically throughout the semester, students will be given the opportunity to complete assignments designed to assist in their understanding and integration of course material. These “Recent Development” assignments, as they are referred to, require students to select an article from a current source (such as the Wall Street Journal, Marketing News, Advertising Age, Business Week, etc.) and write a critical, integrative narrative on the topic of the article (related to marketing). The expectation is that students will use the knowledge they are acquiring in class to evaluate a current marketing event, strategy, or phenomenon – from a marketer’s perspective. Much more than an article summary is expected; students are expected to critically evaluate the main points of the article and relate them to topics discussed in class. Articles that work well for this assignment often focus on a marketing strategy a firm has employed or plans to employ, an environmental force that will influence marketing decisions in the near future, the strategies a firm is employing in introducing a new product or service in the marketplace, special promotions a firm has designed or plans to design, and so on.
These assignments will not be given a letter grade (i.e., A, B, C, etc.), but they will contribute to your final course grade. Students will receive either a “Satisfactory,” “Unsatisfactory,” or “Marginal” on each assignment.
To receive a grade of “Satisfactory:”
The report must be typewritten/word-processed, approximately 2 pages in length (I prefer you double-space the report), handed in at the beginning of the hour on the assigned day.
The report must contain a complete and legible copy of the article you are reporting on, and/or a link to the URL.
You must clearly reference the source of your topic. Somewhere (either in the report or at the top of the first page), write down the complete reference to the article (e.g., indicate it came from The Wall Street Journal, May 1, 2014, pages B1 and B9). The article must come from a source no more than 6 months ago. Internet sources are acceptable, as long as it can be documented that the original source of the article is recent (i.e., no older than July 1, 2022).
The report must contain your own scholarly thoughts on the topic. The first paragraph of the report should include a brief summary of the article. The remaining paragraphs should attempt to discuss the article in the context of things you have been exposed to in class. If you have difficulty doing this with a particular article, select a different one on which to report. Emphasis should be placed on critically evaluating the situation or viewpoint presented in the article, not in summarizing its contents.
The topic must pertain to marketing, not just business in general.
Due dates are listed on the course syllabus under “Schedule of Assignments.” You are required to complete 2 of the 3 assigned papers.
Students receiving a “satisfactory” evaluation of their recent developments paper will receive a 1-point boost to their final course average for each assignment. In other words, a student performing satisfactorily on both of the assigned papers will receive a 2-point addition to his/her final course grade (e.g., elevating an 88% course average to a 90% average).
If the directions listed above are not followed or if it appears that little thought and effort went into the preparation and writing of the report, the paper will be deemed “marginal,” and no points will be awarded for the assignment. A “marginal” will also be given to papers that are handed in on the due date, but later that day (i.e., after class time). Students receiving “marginals” on both papers will see no change in their final course score.
If a recent development paper is not handed in on its due date, a grade of “unsatisfactory” will be recorded and will result in a 1-point reduction for each unsatisfactory assignment. In other words, a student with an 88% course average would have his/her course grade lowered by 2 points, if both recent developments papers were unsatisfactory.

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